Adding Value

The demands on farm performance and farmers have never been greater – climatic variation, market volatility and exchange rate uncertainty are more intense and uncertain than any generation of farmers have experienced.

Total Ag clients appreciate having a Total Ag farm consultant as a trusted advisor to help guide them through this new environment.

In tough times the temptation is to “cut everything.” Total Ag farm consultants will offer insightful, experienced advice on where sustainable, ongoing and constructive savings can be made in the farm business, without sacrificing future productivity and profitability as returns increase.

For clients needing to revisit their entire farming operation to manage in tougher times, Total Ag consultants bring a wealth of agribusiness experience to bear to help evaluate, overhaul and install complete new systems, or fine tune the system already in place.

If it requires moving to a lower cost farming system, focussing on a single farm output, or re-defining what the farm business is about, Total Ag farm consultants can work to make it happen.

To learn more about how Total Ag can put you in the middle of your farm business, be sure to contact one of our consultants today.