Why Total Ag?

Total Ag consultants work with their farmer clients on the “big picture” of their farming business – recognising that farming is more than just a business, it is a way of life that includes home and family, all in the one place.

Total Ag farm consultants work to put their farmer clients and their families in the middle of the farm circle – it is a circle made up of pasture, stock and finance. Total Ag clients are given the support and the tools to manage all three, without losing sight of their family and personal goals.

Total Ag farm consulting services are built on the experience of its two founding directors, Rob Macnab and Aaron Baker.

Between them they share almost 50 years of consulting and rural servicing experience, ensuring the advice they offer and the support they provide to their colleagues is tried and tested on many pastoral farming systems.

Both have earned a high degree of respect in the industry, and both have worked to build a team of consultants who share their values of honesty, integrity and hard work, ensuring Total Ag consultants have an empathy with their clients, and a desire to do their utmost to see them succeed.

Rob and Aaron provide valuable back up and support for the Total Ag team, mentoring, developing and working alongside them when needed to help grow their clients’ farm businesses.

Total Ag farm consultants bring experience with all aspects of grass based farming systems – whether it is large iwi owned dry stock operations, family run breeding units, mixed dry-stock farms or large scale dairy businesses.

Total Ag consultants have an understanding and an empathy with the staff, owners and managers of all farm business types.

The many contacts and networks Total Ag farm consultants have in the sector means they can easily access and discuss particular aspects of a client’s farm business with experts in any area, offering a deeper, more knowledgeable and valuable level of advice.

Total Ag consultants are based in the upper North Island, and all are easily accessible regardless of their client’s location – they are comfortable advising across all areas of the country, and happy to travel to deliver that advice.

Total Ag farm consultants work with their clients to set clear, measurable and attainable goals that recognise all aspects of a client’s personal and professional needs.

To learn more about how Total Ag can put you in the middle of your farm business, be sure to contact one of our consultants today.